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games for iphone and mac

iPhone / iPad: top 5 games of this week for 2020

Are you looking for new iOS games to get your teeth into? Here is our new best-of .

MacBook Pro: charging port and performance

It was on the StackExchange platform that the initial survey was developed. Several owners of MacBook Pro have indeed discussed the fact that their machine could sometimes enter an excessive operating mode.


An iPhone stolen from the Apple Store is useless

In addition to the illegality of the act, you should know that an Apple device stolen from its cocoon will not allow you to call, send messages or download applications.

iOS 13.6 beta: Apple offers an interesting change in the settings

Apple has made available the second beta of iOS 13.6 this evening (the first was numbered 13.5.5) As usual, new features and changes are carefully analyzed by the developers. An interesting discovery was made in the settings. Indeed, Apple proposes a modification in the automatic download of a new software version.

Mac: An exchange program in the United States and Canada

We already knew the exchange program for the iPhone in the Apple Store, but not yet for the Mac! Before the announcement of the new iMac scheduled for WWDC 2020, Apple will soon launch an exchange program for Macs in its stores. For the United States we speak of a launch as of June 15, for Canada as of June 18.

Death of George Floyd: Tim Cook against racism

Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, has published an open letter against racism following the death of George Floyd in the United States. The letter has been posted on the Apple website and is very similar to the memo posted to Apple employees a few days ago.

Apple TV +: Dear… trailer has arrived

Apple has released the trailer for a new program exclusively for Apple TV +. This is Dear…, a documentary series that profiles celebrities through the letters sent to them by people whose lives have been touched by their activities, be it music, television, dance or other.


Apple: Original podcasts related to the Apple TV + series

All Apple TV + series are original and that gives Apple an idea: why not create podcasts that are also original based on the content of the streaming service?

apple tv plus movie

Apple TV + to premiere USS Greyhound with Tom Hanks

USS Greyhound, the new film starring Tom Hanks, was due to hit theaters, but the project is canceled due to the health crisis. According to Deadline, Apple obtained the rights to broadcast the film first on Apple TV +.

wwdc Apple 2020

WWDC (virtual) launch on June 22

Because of the coronavirus, many conferences and different shows have already been canceled since the start of 2020. This is perhaps the case for a presentation that Apple should have given at the end of March. But while several weeks ago the question of maintaining the WWDC still arose, the Californian firm had announced that it was working on an online event only.

watchOS 5.3.7

Apple: watchOS 6.2.5 and watchOS 5.3.7 are available

After offering the Golden Master version of watchOS 6.2.5 to developers, Apple is making the final version (which is identical to the Golden Master) available to all users.

Spotify is again available on Safari

For almost a month, the web version of Apple Music is no longer in beta. This news seems to have echoed at Spotify, which suddenly decided to relaunch access to its service via the Safari browser. As a reminder, Safari users had to download the application to access Spotify for more than two years.

binaural recordings

Will the iPhone soon be able to make binaural recordings?

A new patent has just been made public and reveals that Apple is currently working on an iPhone allowing to make binaural recordings.

A bug in the Edison Mail app gives access to the emails of other users

A fairly annoying bug has been spotted in the Edison Mail application, which is an email client. Users have had the unpleasant surprise of accessing other people’s accounts (and therefore e-mail) without having their identifiers or passwords.

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