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iphone 11 et iphone 11pro

iPhone 11 and 11 Pro: 6 important features

For the presentation of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has not revealed everything on its smartphones. The product sheets suggest features which are nevertheless crucial and which have only been briefly mentioned.


mac pro wheels whithout brakes

Apple forgot the brakes for the Mac Pro wheels

When the new Mac Pro was released at the end of 2019, everyone was amazed when Apple announced the price of $ 400 for the tower casters. No brand would dare to do this, but Apple has no complexes with the image of “luxury”. At this price, there is no room for error and yet, there is a big flaw …

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Apple re-opens stores in China

Apple is reopening its 42 Apple Stores in China this Friday, Reuters said, based on statements from a company spokesperson. ..

WWDC 2020: Apple adopt online conference

Apple has decided, WWDC 2020 will take place next June. Against the background of Coronavirus, the largest conference dedicated to Apple developers will therefore be held exclusively online. A way to save the event for the Cupertino company.

Apple offers a ad in manga version

Reach everyone who might like the new MacBooks. Here is the philosophy of this new Apple advertisement, the firm wants its products to speak to everyone and this time target the Japanese with this animated advertisement to the rhythm of the song by Kaho Nakamura.

Hermitage: the film shot on iPhone 11 Pro

The #shotOniPhone series welcomes this morning a complete film entirely made with the latest iPhone. The particularity ? In addition to being more than 5 hours long, 4K video was taken all at once with an iPhone 11 Pro. It is a cinematic journey through one of the largest museums in the world in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with 45 galleries, 588 masterpieces and performances.

Apple increases the price of the iPhone 11 Pro in India

Following the Indian government’s decision to increase import duties, Apple has just reacted by raising the price of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 8 models sold in the country in order to offset part of the additional cost.

Lady Gaga's new music video filmed on iPhone

Lady Gaga’s new clip filmed on the iPhone

The video already has over twenty million views and has been particularly successful in Brazil. It is available now on YouTube.

Apple fan collector made his dream come true

he panoply would drool any techie touched by the history and products of the apple brand. Unfortunately, it is not possible to come and admire it on command: it is private.

ipad apps- apple reviews

Top 5 Apps: Get the most out of your iPad

For some, the iPad has become an essential everyday working tool. the iPad allows you to perform many tasks without even having to open your computer. As hardware and software improve, the possibilities increase over the years, even though it has taken Apple nearly a decade to offer its own operating system.


iPad Pro 2020: iPhone 11 Pro-inspired design

Apple is about to refresh its line of iPad Pro in 2020. The OnLeaks leaker has just released redus that give us an idea of what the new tablets should look like. The design remains broadly the same as that of the 2018 iPad Pro with the exception of the square module on the back which houses three photo sensors like the iPhone 11 Pro.

iphone 9 or iphone SE2

iPhone 9:Official presentation on March 31

he iPhone 9 would be presented in a keynote on March 31, 2020, reveal several leaks. Despite the coronavirus epidemic in China, Apple is also expected to unveil a new generation of iPad Pro and Macbook at the conference. These new products are expected to hit the market in early April.

Loud House Outta Control

‘Loud House: Outta Control’: the new Apple Arcade game

Just arrived on App Store, the new game on Apple Arcade. Signed by the prolific game designer Nickelodeon. And for good reason, it is based on the cartoon which depicts the Loud family including the son Lincoln.

apple TV 4K

Apple TV 2020: the sixth generation is coming

A new Apple TV 4K (6G) in the code of iOS 13.4


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